Today I Am Grateful

I am grateful  for my friends.  My family.  My beloved cat.  My job with awesome benefits.  My health, and the Doctor  and ARNP who helped me regain it.

I am grateful  for my peaceful  life that allows  me do what I want, when I want, whether that be writing, reading, drawing, needlework, wandering around with my camera, or binge watching Netflix.

I am thankful  for my car and my physical mobility which take me on adventures in the physical  world, and my imagination  which takes me on adventures in my inner world.

I am grateful  that I live in a country   where women are mostly safe, and where we can mostly do and be whatever we want.

I am grateful for the beauty of this big blue marble we live on, with all its myriad plants, animals, and natural wonders.

I am grateful for all the beautiful minds that dreamed up all of the art, architecture, and technological wonders that make our world fun and beautiful.

I am grateful to those who labored, voluntarily or not, to help build our world and provide me with creature comforts.

I am grateful  to those who help others and keep us safe–our police, firefighters, military, medical  personnel, and charity workers of all stripes.

In short, I am grateful for everyone and everything  that ever existed.

Thank you Universe!


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