Wise Words

This past weekend  I read “The Knitting Sutra, Craft as a Spiritual  Practice” by noted Feminist and co  founder of Rolling Stone, Susan Gordon Lydon.  The quote that keeps rolling around in my brain is this:  “Women experience  so many pressures to give up who the truly are in order to take care of everyone around them.  And yet I have seen women flower creatively only when they learn how to ruthlessly  protect their time.”

This has, sadly, proven to be true  for me over and over.  My book “It’s  Your  Turn  Now”  was written  in secret, during bits of time that I had to fight for tooth and nail.  My boyfriend  at the time did not think I needed time to myself–time away from him and his son–and this ultimately  resulted in the demise of our relationship.

As much as I mourn the good  bits of the past two and a half years with him and getting to be a momma, I enjoy my freedom and solitude more.

Sad that so many of us are forced to choose, isn’t it?


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